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Setup Rails using chruby and ruby-install

I decided to document how I managed to setup Ruby and Rails on my macOS using chruby and ruby-install. Both of them are very light tools written by Hal Brodigan. I’m quite sure that a similar approach could be used on Linux or WSL.

The Z shell

The shell is what seats between the user and the core of the operating system, usually in a form of a command line interface (CLI). The most popular shell on Linux distributions is bash. In 2019, Apple started releasing the MacOS with Zsh (Z shell) by default. I believe that is one the reasons that made zsh so popular.

Add a JSON configuration file to a .NET Core console application

A .NET Core application can handle configuration using different formats (providers) like memory, command line and environment. Follow along to learn how we can add a JSON configuration provider to a console application.

Handling WPF Window Dialog events the elegant way

Here are two elegant ways that you can use to handle WPF Dialogs from the ViewModel. I will demonstrate both examples by closing a WPF Window Dialog from the ViewModel depending on some logic.

Working with a legacy code base

This is a collection of five lessons I learned working with legacy code. They are mostly soft skill. I learned that maintaining a legacy code base has more to with how you face it, than with your technical skills.

ASP.NET Conditional Validation

Conditional validation can be very useful, and I’m glad that I found an elegant way of doing it. You can use the same View-Model on two different actions of your controller and have different validations for each of them. Sample Scenario To help illustrate the issue and the solution, let’s describe a simple scenario for user management. We will have a controller that adds and edits users. I will abstract the business layer so we can focus only on the user validation.

Unit Testing NHibernate Mappings

What is the best approach to map your domain classes to the database using NHibernate? After doing some tests, I believe that the best answer is: it doesn’t matter. As long as you have unit tests in place for it, you are covered.