tmux cheat sheet

This is a live document that I’m planing to maintain as I get more familiar with tmux.

Key bindings

All keybindings should be prefixed with a prefix key, C-b (CTRL+b) by default, followed by a command key.

Category Key binding Description
Window c Create new window
Window , Rename window
Window w Choose window from list
Window 0 to 9 Go from window 0 to 9
Window n Go to next window
Pane % Split into two panes, left and right
Pane " Split into two panes, top and bottom
Pane Left Go to left pane
Pane Right Go to right pane
Pane Down Go to pane at the bottom
Pane Up Go to pane at the top
Pane o Go to next pane
Pane x Close/kill current pane
Pane q Briefly display pane indexes.
System ? List all key bindings
System d Detach
System : Enter tmux command prompt


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